General counselling sessions

I believe that there is a therapist suitable for each person and as a Person-Centred Counsellor, our sessions together will be ‘all about you’.  I will not judge you or give my opinion on your thoughts and feelings.  This initial session gives us the opportunity to see if we feel comfortable working together. There is no obligation to book further sessions or a particular number of sessions, everything is decided by you. I work with young people and adults for personal therapy sessions.
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Student support

Studying at college or university at any level and meeting deadlines or assessments can be extremely stressful and juggling your studies with life and work is often difficult.  My experience as a college lecturer, assessor and examiner allows me to offer understanding and support whilst you study.

I am currently employed as Clinical Supervisor for Cornwall Counselling Institute students, facilitating group supervision session, both online and face to face.

Student Support

Support for veterinary professionals

Working in a veterinary practice can be demanding and sometimes the associated stress can cause staff to take time off work to destress and recharge.  Being a Registered Veterinary Nurse gives me the ability to understand your feelings and help you find the best way to regain a healthy work, life balance.

I am the content editor for Improve International Veterinary CPD Company for the ISVPS Foundation Certificate in Pet Bereavement.
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Supervision for counsellors and healthcare professionals

As a qualified supervisor I am able to provide individual sessions to counsellors or healthcare professionals.  These sessions offer the opportunity for discussion and exploration of their work.

I offer a reduced rate for student counsellors requiring supervision of their client work.

As a Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Registered Veterinary Nurse, I am able to offer supervision to both Veterinary Nurses, Veterinary Surgeons, graduates and students.

Supervision can be provided either face to face or online for both students and qualified counsellors.

I currently also provide group supervision sessions for students from Cornwall Counselling Institute. These sessions can be booked via the manager of Penhaligon Lo Cost Counselling and are fully funded by the agency as part of their studies.
Supervision for counsellors and healthcare professionals

Pet bereavement support

Being both a Registered Veterinary Nurse and Counsellor enables me to offer understanding to pet owners that are experiencing worries concerning their beloved companion.  I understand that facing decisions such as general anaesthesia, surgical procedures or euthanasia can cause extreme anxiety and pain.  Your friends and family may not understand your distress.  I can provide a professional empathic space for owners facing painful decisions or offer support after the loss of your pet.

Pet bereavement, grief and loss therapy

Preparing for the loss of your pet and bereavement counselling
Traumatic death, road traffic accidents and any unexpected loss will be exceptionally difficult to cope with. These situations don’t allow us to prepare for the emotional distress we are likely to experience. However, sometimes we are fortunate enough to know that our pet is terminally ill and that we need to prepare ourselves for them no longer being with us. We might be considering euthanasia and struggling with feelings of anxiety and guilt. I can provide a safe, confidential space to discuss your thoughts and feelings and support you through this painful process.
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